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About us

Better safe than sorry - it is our motto.

Let us help you find a perfect, unique solution for your microbiological purposes. 

We are approached by research groups, individuals and start-ups – simply because the spectrum of conducted analyses, services and tests is widther than you possibly could imagine.

Adapting ourselves to your needs we select and order all consumables and equipment ourselves.

We are at the edge of sciences, testing new solutions to stay flexible and client-oriented. Work with us and we will provide the rest.

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Key expertise at:

  • chemical composition and safety of water (e.g. wells, creeks, waste waters);

  • selection of optimal conditions to separate a mixture of compounds on a routine basis;

  • complex mixtures composition study and their separation;

  • drug, by-product or intermediate composition confirmation (in reference to pharmaceutical standards).

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Our projects 


During a pandemic with a highly contagious viral disease, the importance of objects made of passive antiseptics that facilitate self-disinfection of surfaces is greatly increased. Bronze and other copper alloys show a disinfecting effect on hands as well. When we use objects made ofcopper alloys, copper ions reach our skin and have an antiseptic effect. Therefore, we study various copper alloys for their antiseptic properties. We have already investigated the antimicrobial activity of copper alloys with a copper content of 70-99.99% on both sensitive and copper-resistant strains of Escherichia coli.

We also identify bacteria resistant to copper ions, isolate the proteins responsible for this resistance and test them for the ability to bind other metals (Fe, Al, Zn). We add these metals to copper alloys to increase their antimicrobial action.

Since then, together with various small labs, as well as with some established biochemical and pharma start-ups, we conducted different analytical projects.


We have selected conditions for separating a mixture of racemates. This was extremely important and urgent case to solve, since the R-enantiomer was active, but the S was not.


Once we've decided to analysed the water from the wells near our country house in NWF.
Later we've informed our neighbours about these results and they also became interested.
Thus, the idea was born to carry out a chemical and bacteriological analysis of water from wells and streams.

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Contact us

Elisabethstrasse 10a 50226 Frechen

We will get back to you within 24 hours!

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